Saturday 15 October

08:30 – 10:00

Plenary Session 3 - Food Allergy and the GI tract (joint EAACI-ESPGHAN session)

Sibylle Koletzko, Germany
Susanne Halken, Denmark

Development of the GI immune system and oral tolerance
Cecilia Berin, United States

Nutrition and the immune response
Udo Herz, The Netherlands

Controversies in GI manifestations of food allergy 
Alberto Ravelli, Italy

10:00 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 – 12:00

Main Symposium 7 - The Life Experience of Children with Food Allergy and other Allergic Diseases

Anthony Dubois, The Netherlads
Frans Timmermans, The Netherlands

The psychosocial impact of food allergy on the family
Audrey Dunn-Galvin, Ireland

Managing allergies at school
Angel Mazon, Spain

Eating out in a restaurant
Hazel Gowland, United Kingdom 

Main Symposium 8 - Childhood Rhinitis: Assessment and Management

José Manuel Lopes dos Santos, Portugal
Peter Hellings, Belgium

Allergic rhinitis: the holistic assessment
Erkka Valovirta, Finland

Non-allergic rhinitis: recognition and management
Peter Hellings, Belgium

Therapy resistant allergic rhinitis: what to try next?
Giuseppina Rotiroti, United Kingdom 

Spanish Main Symposium 1 - Food Allergy

Marcel Ibero, Spain
Anunciacion Martin Mateos, Spain

New food allergens
Ana Maria Plaza, Spain  

The patient with multiple food allergy
Antonio Nieto, Spain  

Diagnosing food allergy
Montserrat Bosque, Spain    

12:00 - 14:00

Lunch/Poster Session

Poster Session 4 - Pediatric Food Allergy

Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn, United States
Audrey Dunn-Galvin, Ireland

Posters P40 - P51 + LB10 - LB14 will be presented.

Poster Session 5 – Immunological and Inflammatory Disease

Christoph Grüber, Germany
Antonio Nieto, Spain

Posters P52 - P62 + LB15 - LB18 will be presented.

Poster Session 6 – Anapyhlaxis and Drug Allergy

Susan Leech, United Kingdom
Berber Vlieg, The Netherlands

Posters P63 - P71 + LB19 - LB23 will be presented.

12:10 - 13:40

ALK Symposium - The Role of Sublingual Immunotherapy in Children – an Evidence-Based Update

Pedro Ojeda, Spain

Risk-benefit of using sublingual immunotherapy in kids - what does the evidence show?
Moises Calderón, United Kingdom

Preventive effect of sublingual immunotherapy – can we stop the "allergic march"?
Adam Fox, United Kingdom

Use of sublingual immunotherapy in American kids – what does the future hold?
David Skoner, United States

A light lunch is included for participans attending the ALK symposium.

14:00 – 15:30

Main Symposium 9 - Preventing Food and Inhalant Allergy - Where are We Now?

Susan Prescott, Australia,
Cansin Sackesen, Turkey

Can we learn from migratory populations?
Gary Wong, Hong Kong

Allergen exposure – high or low dose for preventing allergic disease?
Susanne Halken, Denmark

Pre-, pro- and symbiotics: effective for primary prevention? 
Aline Sprikkelman, The Netherlands

Main Symposium 10 - Specific Immunotherapy for Children

Erkka Valovirta, Finland
Petr Pohunek, Czech Republic

What can clinicians learn from the underlying immune mechanism?
Mübeccel, Adkis, Switzerland

Evolution of the IgE response to pollens: implications for specific immunotherapy
Paolo Matricardi, Italy

Venom immunotherapy: what’s new? 
Eva-Maria Varga, Austria

Spanish Main Symposium 2 - Childhood Asthma

Maria Teresa Giner Munõs, Spain
Angel Mazon, Spain

What have we learnt from the birth cohorts? 
Santiago Nevot, Spain 

Asthma and aeroallergens: impact of inhalants  
Angel Mazon, Spain 

Manage severe asthma: life-threatening exacerbations and uncontrolled daily symptoms 
Marcel Ibero, Spain

15:30 - 15:45
Farewell Address/ Prize Giving